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Boletín de Septiembre 2010 (Vol. 4, nº. 8) Versión español

Newsletter September 2010 (Vol. 4, nº. 8) English version

Newsletter \ Newsletter Vol. 4, nº. 8 (September, 2010)


7th Forum on Women, Health and Gender - “Sexual and Reproductive Health”, (Madrid 20 October 2010). Programme/ Registration 

The Patient Safety supplement of the magazine, Medicina Clínica, published in the special July issue sponsored by the Quality Agency of the National Health System, is now available on the Ministry of Health and Social Policy website

The Quality Agency of the National Health System (SNS) is disseminating the document, Intensive Care: Standards and Recommendations, through the website of the Ministry of Health and Social Policy, in the section on Care Units/Standards and Recommendations

The Ministry of Health and Social Policy has made the Statistics Portal of the SNS available to the public, enabling access to information on the status of the health of the population of Spain and the operation of the healthcare system

The Key Indicators of the SNS have been published and consist of a selected set of indicators which provide integrated and systematic information on the Spanish healthcare system arranged by territories.  A summary document is offered with countrywide data, a list of selected indicators and the technical characteristics of such indicators. The query application is also available for downloading

 Royal Decree 1093/2010, of 3 September 2010, has been published in the Official State Gazette (B.O.E. no. 225, 16 September 2010), approving the minimum data set of clinical reports in the National Health System

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Health submits the National Health System Quality Plan to the Government  (Ministry of Health and Social Policy. Press Office, 3 September 2010)

The Minister for Health and Social Policy and the President of Aragon present GuíaSalud, a Website for Improving the Quality of Healthcare (Ministry of Health and Social Policy. Press Office, 27 September 2010)

On 14 September, the Committee for the Monitoring and Evaluation of the National Health System Strategy for COPD was set up, and the future evaluation, scheduled to commence at the end of 2011, was addressed at a meeting attended by all of the players involved in the preparation of the Strategy. The Coordinator of the AUDIPOC Study, Francisco Pozo Rodríguez, also attended the meeting as a guest, in order to present the work carried out

On 7 October 2010, CIBERDEM will present the results of the Di@betes Study.  This is the first study on the global prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 in Spain.
An Analysis of the Judgements Handed Down in Trials by Jury and by the Provincial Courts in 2008, in relation to Homicides and/or Murders occurring between the Members of a Couple and Former Partners, has been published recently (Website of the Gender Violence Observatory)

The European Parliament approved a new rule to provide more information to patients about the use and secondary effects of medicines

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