Information on reimbursement

A citizen seeking healthcare in another Member State of the EU will have to pay for the healthcare in advance and will be entitled to reimbursement by his/her regional authority, the National Institute for Healthcare Management or mutual society for civil servants, as appropriate, upon returning to Spain, provided that the healthcare provided is included in the National Health System's Common Portfolio of Services.

Before opting for healthcare in another EU Member State, it is advisable to obtain information on the current rates for such treatment in the Member State chosen.

The patient will be reimbursed for the same amount as if he/she had received the healthcare in his/her regional authority of residence, without exceeding the actual cost and applying the rates approved and published by the regional authority. Accommodation or travel expenses will not be reimbursed.

The application for reimbursement has to be filed before the regional authority at the centres designated by it within three months of payment. The invoices issued by the healthcare provider and, as appropriate, medical reports or the prior authorisation granted have to be attached thereto. Documentation for the reimbursement procedure

A resolution appraising the amount shall be issued within three months and notice thereof shall be given to the interested party. The appropriate appeals and complaints may be lodged against such resolution.

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